Places like Dave and Busters

Top 10 Entertaining Places like Dave and Busters

Dave & Buster’s is a popular national chain that offers a unique mix of entertainment, games, sports viewing, drinks, and casual dining all under one roof. Known for its massive arcade area filled with the latest games and tickets that can be redeemed for prizes, it’s a go-to spot for fun date nights, family outings, and group celebrations. 

Places like Dave and Busters

1. Main Event Entertainment

With nearly 50 locations across the country, Main Event Entertainment brings together bowling, laser tag, arcade games, billiards, gravity ropes courses, and casual dining all in spacious, modern facilities. It’s a top contender among places like Dave and Busters.

Main Event sets itself apart with ultra-modern bowling lanes and equipment. We’re talking blacklit lanes, lounge seating, and touchscreen consoles to control the experience. The arcade area impresses too, with a mix of classics, carnival-style games, and the latest virtual reality setups. For food and drinks, the Main Event menu runs the gamut from shareable appetizers to entrees like burgers, pizza, and Tex-Mex.

So if you want a similar vibe to Dave & Buster’s but with a heavier emphasis on bowling and modern takes on traditional games, Main Event Entertainment delivers. With locations spanning 20 states, odds are good there’s one not too far from you.

2. Round1 Bowling & Amusement

Another contender among places like Dave and Busters is Round1 Bowling & Amusement. As you might guess from the name, it specializes in bowling but also houses arcade games, billiards, karaoke, and sports simulators under one roof. With nearly 50 large-format locations concentrated on the coasts and in Hawaii, it brings a taste of the vibrant Japanese entertainment culture to the US.

The bowling component features slick backlit lanes and high-tech equipment for an immersive experience. For the arcade, you’ll find all the latest racing, shooting, medal redemption, and prize games along with purikura photo booths. Round 1 locations also include extensive billiards and karaoke facilities for variety. And the sports simulators let you try your hand at baseball, hockey, football, and more in virtual settings.  

So for a unique entertainment center with modern takes on traditional bowling and arcade fare, Round 1 hits the mark. Expect a lively scene with an international flair. Read Lake Haiyaha, Colorado-All About to Know

Places like Dave and Busters

3. Topgolf

While not a direct comparison, Topgolf merits a mention among places like dave and Buster’s for its unique spin on entertainment. Topgolf has pioneered advanced golf ball tracking technology and equipment to let players tee off from climate-controlled driving range bays with lounge seating, HDTVs, and food and drink service. It brings together the thrill of sports, entertainment tech, hearty fare, and drinks for an only-at-top golf experience.

With 60+ locations featuring multiple floors of hitting bays along with bars, restaurants, private event spaces, and outdoor patio areas, Topgolf locations feel like an entertainment complex unto themselves. The high-tech driving ranges are open late for nighttime fun. Clubs, balls, scoring equipment, and coaching are all provided on-site, so you don’t need to bring any equipment. 

Overall, Topgolf brings a unique, golf-inspired spin on entertainment that’s accessible and enjoyable for all skill levels. If you want to do more than just play games but still have an immersive, high-energy hangout, locations nationwide have you covered.

4. Pinstack

Pinstack offers a unique entertainment model that brings together upscale bowling, an innovative rock climbing wall activity, a large arcade and laser tag area, chef-driven dining, and handcrafted cocktails all under one very chic roof. With gorgeously designed locations in San Antonio, Allen TX, and Las Vegas, it’s setting itself apart from other entertaining hangouts places like Dave and Busters. 

The bowling experience stands out with automatic scoring systems and video projection mapping on the lanes. The bouldering walls introduce innovation too, with augmented climbing technology that lets you conquer real rock terrain in virtual settings from Yosemite to Antarctica. The broad menu spans everything from shared bites to artisan pizzas and salads, not your typical bowling alley fare. Signature cocktails, local craft beers, and even mocktail options round out the offerings. 

For an upscale, design-driven take on entertainment center fare, Pinstack delivers. Come for a meal or cocktails, and stay for the variety of games and activities under one very stylish roof.

Places like Dave and Busters

5. AceBounce 

A newer player among activity centers, AceBounce puts its spin on entertainment with augmented reality trampolines. Visitors strap on sensors, step into specially designed courts with trampoline floors, grab glow-in-the-dark rackets and balls, and play enhanced games of squash, volleyball, soccer, and more in virtual settings. Video projection mapping transforms the courts for each game.

With active locations in Chicago and New York and new sites popping up from LA to Milwaukee, AceBounce brings state-of-the-art tech to traditional sports and group games. The experience gets your heart pumping as you run, jump, and bounce through fast-paced virtual competition. With offerings for both casual play and league team formats, it appeals to families, friends, colleagues, and serious competitors alike.

If being active and immersed in an augmented, glowing game environment sounds like your kind of scene, keep an eye out for an AceBounce near you. With fusion cuisine, craft cocktails, and both private and community gaming areas, each location aims to be an experience unlike any other activity center. Read Al-Hamra Mosque, Fes, Morocco – All about to know

6. Punch Bowl Social

If you like the idea of tasty food, craft beverages, and old-school games with a hipster vibe, Punch Bowl Social may fit the bill. This growing chain aims to bring together the community feel and food of a neighborhood tavern with the games and entertainment of an activity center or arcade. With nearly 20 locations spanning major metros from Portland to Atlanta, Punch Bowl Social offers a unique, quirky hangout option. 

The focal point of any Punch Bowl Social location is undoubtedly its central bar and dining area designed to feel like a cool loft apartment space with brick, wood, leather, and industrial elements. The menu spans shareable plates, creative bar bites, weekend brunch fare, and plenty of spirits, signature cocktails with funny names, local beers, and wines. 

But beyond eating and drinking, each Punch Bowl Social houses vintage bowling lanes, private karaoke rooms, classic arcade games, giant Jenga and Connect Four setups, and even miniature golf courses. Weekly events like trivia and karaoke nights draw regulars and newcomers. Part hip coffee shop, part old-school game room, part neighborhood bar, Punch Bowl Social ultimately aims to be a community hangout bringing people together over food, drink, and friendly competition.

Places like Dave and Busters

7. GameWorks

While smaller in scale than mammoth Dave & Buster’s locations, GameWorks locations across the country bring a similar emphasis on games and entertainment minus the dining component. With sites in major metro areas plus destinations like the Las Vegas strip, GameWorks houses the latest arcade and virtual reality setups plus fan favorite classics, multiplayer consoles, competitive tournaments, and even party areas for events. 

The gaming roster impresses, with everything from virtual rollercoasters to interactive projection floors, immersive racing setups, crane games, air hockey, skee ball, and touchscreen trivia. For redemption, earned tickets can be traded in at prize counters stocked with the coolest toys, tech gadgets, and candy. GameWorks also features full-service restaurant bars and small-plate menus so you can refuel without having to leave.

While more gaming-centric than Dave & Buster’s, GameWorks offers a comparable lineup of games and attractions for solo players, couples, families, and kids of all ages. For a pure adrenaline fix, it’s a solid contender among activity centers. 

8. Kings Dining & Entertainment

If you prefer your entertainment venues to have food, drinks, and games under one roof, Kings Dining & Entertainment delivers. With nearly 60 locations spanning 25 states, primarily in the South and Midwest, Kings brings together chef-driven casual dining, signature cocktails, luxury bowling lanes, billiards, dart lanes, shuffleboard, tabletop games, event spaces, and indoor and outdoor patios all in one destination. 

When it comes to games and entertainment, Kings has something for everyone. Groups can take over VIP bowling lanes with bottle service and luxury seating. Pool leagues and casual players alike flock to the billiards rooms. Families and kids enjoy classic arcade games and virtual reality setups alongside modern takes on air hockey, skee ball, hoops, and driving games. There are multiple bars, indoor and outdoor patios for drinks and small plates, plus private dining rooms and event venues for hosting birthday parties, corporate gatherings, and more.

Overall, Kings locations aim to be one-stop shops for great food, drinks, and games, all with upscale, contemporary flair. The entertainment factor may be dialed down a notch versus more gaming-focused Dave & Buster’s, but the added emphasis on dining and service makes it another solid option for nights and events out. Read Lake Minnetonka , Minnesota – All about to know

Places like Dave and Busters

9. Scene75 Entertainment Centers

If nonstop entertainment is what you’re after, Scene75 Entertainment Centers promise “a day’s worth of fun under one roof.” With massive indoor locations featuring go karts, roller coasters, indoor Ferris wheels, bowling, arcade halls, laser tag, soft play areas, thrill rides, and redemption games there’s no shortage of action. Food and drinks are available on-site to refuel between activities.

Scene75 locations are in Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, Florida and Pittsburgh. Spanning 70,000+ square feet on average, each venue is like an indoor theme park stuffed with classic carnival rides, state-of-the-art simulators, mini golf, aerial ropes courses, and more. Designed for kids and kids at heart from toddlers to adults, Scene75 brings together entertainment for all interests and ages.

Alongside all the adrenaline-inducing attractions, Scene75 houses multiple private party rooms for birthdays and events. And the flexible Ultimate Day Pass makes it easy to come and go across multiple days. So if you think Dave & Buster’s seems tame, Scene 75 turns everything up to 11, promising round-the-clock fun from the moment you walk through the doors.  

10. GameTime 

A newer but fast-growing option, GameTime aims to “revolutionize social play.” This entertainment model brings together chef-inspired menus with scratch cooking, smaller-format arcade areas with the latest multiplayer setups, recreational leagues across indoor sports like basketball and rock climbing, plus events and activities for all interests. With a focus on community building versus just offering games and attractions, GameTime has a unique place among activity centers.

Current locations in Minnesota and Tennessee are just the start of ambitious national expansion plans over the coming decade. GameTime eateries feature restaurant-quality fare from pizzas baked in stone deck ovens to smash burgers, tacos, salads, and shareable snacks alongside cocktails, wines and local craft beers. Redemption games offer tickets to earn prizes. And fun, friendly staff aim to make each venue feel like a neighborhood hangout. 

With recreational leagues, events, summer kids camps, a membership model, and community focus, GameTime brings people together over common interests in active social fun. As the brand grows across new states, it promises a dose of healthy competition and belonging we could all use more of nowadays.

Places like Dave and Busters


While Dave & Buster’s originated the concept of a massive restaurant and entertainment center, the runaway success of its model has spawned numerous competitors over the years putting their own spin on games, activities, sports, rides, and attractions paired with casual dining and drinks.

As highlighted above, Main Event, Round1 Bowling & Amusement, TopGolf, Pinstack, AceBounce, Punch Bowl Social, GameWorks, Kings Dining and Entertainment, Scene75 Entertainment Centers, and GameTime all offer their own unique take on the entertainment center experience. Whether you’re looking for ultra-modern twists on traditional games like bowling and billiards, innovative new simulated attractions, larger-than-life indoor theme parks, luxury amenities and dining, or a community-focused hangout, alternatives to Dave & Buster’s continue to pop up across the country.

So the next time you’re seeking out family fun, date ideas, group activities, or just an entertaining evening out with friends, take a closer look at the options in your area. Chances are there’s another activity center concept waiting to be discovered that offers a comparable, if not bigger and better, experience compared to the old Dave & Buster’s standby. The continued growth in the category points to America’s ongoing thirst for entertainment, games, recreation, and cuisine all conveniently rolled into one. Read Hogan Park at Highlands Creek- All about to know


What is the difference between Dave & Buster’s and Main Event?

While both offer dining, drinks, and entertainment under one roof, Main Event locations put more emphasis on bowling with ultra-modern lanes, equipment, lounges, and menus. The arcade gaming areas impress too with the latest simulators alongside traditional fare.

What kind of experience does TopGolf offer compared to Dave & Buster’s?

Rather than traditional games, TopGolf pioneered high-tech golf ball tracking and virtual sports simulation using real golf balls and clubs. With climate-controlled hitting bays equipped with touchscreens, food and drinks service, TVs, and more, TopGolf brings a unique spin on gaming, sports, lounge hangouts, dining, and nightlife.

How is Pinstack different from most entertainment centers?

Pinstack combines upscale bowling and dining with innovative rock climbing walls, large arcade and laser tag zones. With gorgeously designed locations showcasing luxury finishes, chef-driven fare, and handcrafted cocktails, it brings an elevated, hospitality-focused vision to the activity center concept.

Why does Punch Bowl Social stand out from other entertainment venues?

Designed to feel like a cool loft apartment, each Punch Bowl Social location brings together a central bar and dining room with vintage bowling lanes, karaoke rooms, arcade games, and mini golf. With a quirky hipster vibe and events like trivia and karaoke nights, Punch Bowl Social wants to be your neighborhood hangout.  

How are Kings Dining & Entertainment locations different than Dave & Buster’s?

While Kings offers luxury bowling, billiards, classic arcade fare, VR setups, and more alongside full-service dining, the emphasis skews more towards chef-driven New American cuisine versus generic pub fare. So it’s just as suited to date nights and business dinners as family play and group events.

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