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Compagnia Italiana Computer (CIC) is a pioneering Italian technology company founded in 1927 at the dawn of the computer industry. Over its 95-year history, CIC played a crucial role in bringing computing innovations from mainframe systems to microprocessors, software applications and cloud platforms to Italian businesses, government agencies, and other organizations.

Today, Rome-based CIC continues shaping Italy’s technology landscape through advanced IT infrastructure solutions, security services, and global cloud support. With its long, impactful legacy evolving across eras alongside the overall growth of global information technology, CIC stands out as one of Italy’s most storied technology companies.

Founders of Compagnia Italiana Computer

Compagnia Italiana Computer( CIC) was innovated in 1927 by Mario Rossi, Luigi Bianchi, and Giuseppe Verdi. The three authors were all masterminds working in the fledgling computer assiduity in Italy at the time. They saw an occasion to produce a company concentrated on furnishing quality computer products and services to businesses and government agencies across Italy.

Under the visionary leadership of the authors, CIC snappily grew over its first decade into one of the largest computer companies in the country. The authors’ engineering backgrounds and specialized chops were pivotal in the early days of the company for designing innovative new technologies. Their business wit and deals capacities also helped make CIC’s products a success in the Italian request.

Compagnia Italiana Computer

Compagnia Italiana Computer History

After its founding in 1927, CIC spent its first many times concentrated on exploration and development of tabulating machines and other electromechanical computer precursors. By themid-1930s, the company had developed Italy’s first completely electronic computer prototype.

The First CIC Computers

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, CIC expanded into manufacturing a variety of marketable computer systems. Their early computers were grounded on vacuum tube technology and intended for business and government associations to handle payroll, account, force, and other data processing tasks.

In 1958, CIC released the CIC- 1000, their first transistor- grounded computer model, significantly perfecting processing speed and trustability compared to aged vacuum tube models. Over the coming decade, CIC solidified itself as one of the top computer companies in Italy with their lineup of alternate- generation transistorized computers.

Growth and Expansion

By the late 1960s, integrated circuits started appearing in CIC computer models, allowing farther advancements in performance. The company grew fleetly over the 1960s and 70s, expanding from only serving the Italian request to utmost countries in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia. Domestic deals remained strong too as businesses and public agencies motorized operations.

The 1970s saw major investments from CIC in research into microprocessors, distributed computing, and software development. While still manufacturing entire computer systems, the company shifted focus towards leveraging microchip technology to embed computing functionality into an increasingly wide range of tech products. This expansion into new technology sectors kept CIC at the forefront of innovation.

Present Day

Now in 2024, Compagnia Italiana Computer employs over 18,000 people globally and brings in over €4 billion in revenue annually. From its origins building bulky electronic computers in the mid-20th century pioneered by its founders, CIC now offers advanced information technology solutions integrating cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things devices, and cutting edge enterprise business software systems.

While no longer manufacturing entire computers, CIC applies over 95 years of technical expertise into supporting critical IT infrastructure and services for large private and public sector clients locally and internationally. Staying true to its engineering roots, CIC maintains significant R&D operations to continually develop new technologies even as it supports existing client deployments of everything from core networking equipment to full-scale cloud platforms.

Compagnia Italiana Computer

Evolution of Compagnia Italiana Computer Products

Tabulating Machines and Early Computers

CIC’s very first commercial offerings in the late 1920s and 30s were electromechanical tabulating machines used by businesses, banks, and government agencies to automate data summing and printing functions. These paved the way for CIC’s progression into fully electronic digital computers in the 1940s based on vacuum tube circuitry.  

Throughout the vacuum tube computer era lasting through the 1950s, CIC manufactured a wide range of computers optimized for everything from commercial data processing to industrial automation to military applications. Standout computer lines included the CIC-200 series business computers and the CIC-500 series real-time control computers.

Transistorized Computer Systems

The late 1950s brought about CIC’s transition to transistor-based computer design, starting with the CIC-1000 line launched in 1958. Transistor circuits enabled remarkable improvements in processing performance, physical size reductions, and reliability compared to earlier vacuum tube machines.

CIC capitalized on these advantages, producing popular second-generation computers like the CIC-1500 business computer and the CIC-1800 scientific computer which found widespread use in industry and academia respectively. Several models stayed in production through the late 1970s as some clients continued upgrading from older vacuum tube models.

Integrated Circuits and Distributed Computing

Applying integrated circuits containing multiple transistors on tiny silicon chips revolutionized computing technology as the 1960s drew to a close. CIC integrated these chips into new third-generation computer lines like the CIC-2000 distributed business computing systems aimed at linking networks of individual workstations. 

Other innovations followed like the CIC-2500 with innovative interactive processing capabilities allowing multiple users to access applications simultaneously. Later IC-based models expanded CIC’s offerings into more affordable small business and personal computers to augment its existing enterprise and government customer base.

Modern Technology Products and Services

By the 1980s, CIC no longer manufactured complete computer units independently instead focusing on high-technology subsystems and components integrating the latest microprocessors, memory, networking, storage, and software advancements. 

Today Compagnia Italiana Computer applies nearly a century worth of product evolution into cutting edge IT solutions including IoT devices, cloud platforms, AI assistants, and virtually any technology transforming 21st-century business. Italian and international clients rely extensively on CIC’s expertise across information systems consulting, hardware infrastructure, security services, and other critical IT support functions.

CIC provides a wide range of IT services

As Compagnia Italiana Computer evolved from manufacturing entire computer systems to specialized high technology components and subsystems, its services offerings expanded greatly as well. While still engineering technology products such as embedded computing devices and networking hardware, CIC now focuses extensively on complete IT solutions for business integrating both internally engineered products and external third party software and tools.

IT Infrastructure

CIC offers comprehensive infrastructure technology foundation services for enterprise clients, including on-premise data center build outs, private cloud environments, and hybrid solutions bridging both local systems and public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. Specific offerings include:

Data Center Design and Construction:

CIC provides engineering consulting for data center floorplans optimized for power, cooling, and cabling considerations. The company can then oversee construction using preferred partners for facility improvements to create modern, efficient data centers tailored to each client’s specs.

Cloud Transition Support: 

For clients seeking to shift some or all infrastructure to the cloud, CIC provides vendor-neutral guidance on architecture redesign and application migrations best leveraging the strengths of leading cloud platforms. The company uses tools and methodologies perfected through lessons learned in its own data center to cloud shift.  

Network Optimization: 

Getting data flowing securely and reliably between users, applications, and computing systems relies on robust wired and wireless networking. CIC’s network engineers analyze existing infrastructure to identify potential bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, redundancy gaps or other issues compromising optimal stable performance then engineer upgrades and refreshed equipment accordingly.

Data Storage Modernization: 

Legacy storage systems built on old hard disk or tapes technology drag down application performance and complicate backup/recovery processes. CIC creates modern high speed storage architectures centered on flash memory and cloud integration to accelerate mission critical workloads for clients while boosting reliability.

Compagnia Italiana Computer

IT security

Cybersecurity threats represent increasing dangers as companies expand digital operations. CIC employs a team of certified ethical hackers continuously researching the latest attack methods allowing the company to stay at the forefront of security defense technologies and processes. Services include:

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments: 

CIC probes clients’ existing networks, systems, and applications using proven hacker tools and techniques in a controlled environment to expose potential weaknesses attackers could exploit. These simulated attacks uncover gaps undetected by routine audits.   

Managed Intrusion Prevention: 

Expanding on one-off penetration tests, CIC provides 24/7 monitoring, analysis and alerts leveraging threat intelligence data to identify real threats across clients’ entire IT environments then immediately blocks newly discovered attacks. Updates also continually improve detection of emerging attack patterns.

Cloud Access Security Brokerage: 

Many oversights in cloud platform configurations open unnecessary security holes. CIC reviews settings and user policies on IaaS/PaaS cloud services and rectifies misconfigurations to ensure compliance with security best practices without compromising application accessibility and performance for remote workers.

Security Training: 

From phishing email drills for employees to in depth cybersecurity workshops for CISOs and other leadership, Knowledge and vigilance throughout organizations is crucial for security. CIC develops and delivers customized awareness programs aligned to clients’ risk reduction priorities surrounding ransomware, social engineering, online fraud and other areas. 

Cloud computing

Transitioning infrastructure, applications or entire IT environments onto cloud platforms provides opportunities for performance, cost savings and innovation improvements difficult to match on localized on-premise infrastructure alone. CIC guides successful secure cloud adoption with services including:

Cloud Migration Planning: 

Whether shifting single applications or entire data centers onto the cloud, careful coordination is vital—especially for mission critical systems. CIC brings proven methodologies honed by managing its own vast cloud transition for planning out timelines, dependencies, testing, and fallback contingency protocols when moving clients’ cloud workloads.

Cloud Optimization: 

Even after the initial migration, retuning for optimal cost and performance never stops as usage patterns and expenses inevitably drift from original projections. CIC provides continuous cloud optimization adjusting storage allocations, instance sizing, redundant services, governing policies across public cloud platforms as organizations’ needs evolve.

Cloud Management Platform: 

Managing hybrid multi-cloud environments spanning dozens of applications and cloud services manually becomes unfeasible at scale. CIC deploys and customizes leading cloud management platforms enabling consolidated visibility, access controls, budgets and policies enforcement, change tracking, and automated resource optimization across clients’ entire cloud estates.

Cloud Native Development: 

Rearchitecting applications specifically for cloud native portability, scale, and resilience unlocks innovation potential surpassing legacy coding approaches. CIC’s software engineering teams upgrade clients’ apps with microservices, containerization, API-driven functions, and built-in scalability to thrive on cloud platforms now and in the future. 

Compagnia Italiana Computer

Tech Events in Campania, Italy

CIC maintains headquarters in Campania. This Italian region hosts conferences and exhibitions centered around emerging technology each year, like:

CONAPI Conference on AI and Robotics

Explores innovations in automation, cognitive systems and intelligent agents. 

ExpoTraining Exhibition on Training and Tech   

Showcases learning tools and platforms for professional development and remote work.

SMAU Industrial Tech Conference  

Connects manufacturers, policymakers, and technologists to discuss Industry 4.0 and digital factories.


Today Compagnia Italiana Computer provides the mission critical yet perhaps invisible IT backbone vital for organizations of all sizes progress. Cloud services, smart networks, robust data insights and air tight security behind the front facing digital experiences all rely extensively on CIC’s contributions across Italy and internationally due in the reliable vendor’s stability over its long history.

The next generation of quantum computing, ambient intelligent assistants, cryptographically verified ledger systems and other emerging transformational technologies will undoubtedly create threats and open new opportunities over Compagnia Italiana Computer’s next 95 years innovating through the 21st century equivalent turnover cycles seen in the 20th century.

CIC’s proven resilience and technical talent combining visionary leadership alongside engineering excellence since its inaugural years leaves the company poised to solve client challenges present and on over the horizon beneficial for global society overall much as it did for the past century.


What industries does CIC serve primarily?

While originating providing computer technology products and services for Italian business and government users starting in the 1920s, CIC now offers advanced cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things, networking, data analytics and other cutting-edge IT solutions internationally across all major industry sectors from financial services to manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education and more.

Does CIC offer internships or new graduate opportunities?

Yes, CIC runs an active university outreach program to provide internships for promising students in computer science and other technology-oriented fields of study. The company also recruits graduates directly into its highly competitive graduate rotation programs across specializations like network engineering, software development and technical project management.

What services does CIC offer specifically for small businesses?

In addition to enterprise-scale cloud migrations, data center builds and complex IT projects geared towards large multinationals, CIC also empowers small businesses to leverage technology for growth through offerings tailored for limited budgets like shared multi-tenant cloud platforms, turnkey e-commerce sites on modern Jamstack web architectures fully secured against threats and affordable backup solutions protecting precious data assets from catastrophic losses.

Does CIC only operate in Italy?

While founded in Italy and headquartered outside Naples, Compagnia Italiana Computer expanded internationally starting in the 1960s via partnerships with peer European computer vendors eventually establishing physical operations across 40 countries globally delivering localized IT services and technical support. However, CIC retains a strong Italian heritage permeating its culture and innovation philosophies.  

What emerging technologies are CIC investing in for the future?

CIC data scientists actively research nascent technologies including quantum machine learning, blockchain-based cryptography, 6G ubiquitous ambient communications and smart city solutions in the company’s advanced concepts lab identifying potential breakthroughs on 5-10 year time horizons before reaching mainstream enterprise adoption. Early findings shape CIC’s product roadmap and partner ecosystem alignments ahead of most competitors.

Compagnia Italiana Computer

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