Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek- All about to know

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek in the beautiful Highlands Creek neighborhood of sunup, Colorado. It is a gorgeous green space perfect for out-of-door recreation and events. Gauging over 60 acres, this demesne has commodity for everyone- sprawling open fields, shadowed fun and games areas, an expansive trail network, and more. Keep reading to learn all about Hogan Park at Highlands Creek and why you should add it to your Colorado pail list.

  • Location: 24495 E 35th Dr, Aurora, CO 80019, US
  • Website: theaurorahighlands.com

 Direction to Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

Hogan Park’s Top Attractions

Umi Aurora Highlands

One of the most instigative recent additions to Hogan Park is the Umi community structure located on the southeast side of the property. Umi Aurora Highlands is slated to open to the public in 2023, featuring protean inner and out-of-door event space managed by Umi Community Management.

“ Umi ” is the name of a stunning 21- bottom-altitudinous form located in Hogan Park at Highlands Creek, which is part of the sunup mounds development in sunup, Colorado. Created by South African artist Daniel Popper, Umi was unveiled in August 2022 and has snappily come a popular magnet in the Denver metro area.

The form depicts the confluence of a woman and a tree, with a designated space within the art for the public to explore. The name “ Umi ” means “ ocean ” in Japanese, and the piece is inspired by the conception of Gaia, the early mama and ancestral goddess who shaped and nurtured all life.

Perfect for weddings, corporate events, performances, and community programming, Umi Aurora Highlands at Hogan Park will include covered outdoor terraces with mountain views, a grand hall, catering kitchen, and more. The Umi building and surrounding lawn areas are sure to become a popular event venue and hub of activity within Hogan Park.

 Here is an additional section expanding on the top attractions at Hogan Park:

Playground & Splash Pad

Located at the heart of the demesne, Hogan Park’s playground entertains kiddies with standard swings, slides, and climbing structures plus interactive musical rudiments like cans and metallophones. hard, the splash pad with bubblers shooting bending spurts of water provides cooling summer fun. Caregiver watch seats ring the playground/ splash zone.

The Great Lawn & Outdoor Stage 

Gauging over 10 acres, the Great Field at Hogan Park lives up to its billing as a sprawling meadow able of hosting large- scale community events. At the lawn’s center sits the outdoor stage and paved plaza outfitted with electrical connections. Concerts, movie nights, celebrations and more come alive on the Great Lawn! 

Pump Track

In the demesne’s northeast corner you will now find the asphalt Hogan Park Pump Track circuit. Winding and undulating berms, breakers and banked turns around a circle trail give a fun riding challenge for cycling suckers of all periods and capacities. Add the pump track to your biking adventures.

Basketball & Volleyball Courts

Along with open fields suitable for soccer, football and other sports, Hogan Park features a pair of outdoor basketball hoops and two sand volleyball courts towards the south section. Come shoot hoops or bump volleys on leisurely afternoons.

From family play to community events to sports action, Hogan Park delivers on the recreation front.

Picnic Areas at Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

In addition to extensive open field spaces, Hogan Park features several designated fun and games areas perfect for an autumn mess outside. You will find fun and games tables and grills scattered throughout the demesne, with some fun and games harbors furnishing shade as well.

The central fun and games area near the playground features over a dozen fun and games tables, making it ideal for larger groups and gatherings. visitants are welcome to claim an open table or spread out a fun and games mask on the lawn to dine al triptych at Hogan Park.

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek Hiking Trails

As an au naturel demesne, one of Hogan Park’s stylish means is its network of dirt hiking and biking trails. Over 5 long hauls of trails wind through the demesne’s fields, meadows, and trees, numerous of themmulti-use for runners, trampers, and cyclists likewise.

Some key trails to check out include:

  • Aurora Highlands Trail: A 2.2-mile loop circling the perimeter of Hogan Park. Features gently rolling terrain with mountain views.  
  • Raintree Trail1.3- afar out and- reverse trail covering the innards of the demesne. Pass by a small pond and forested sections.
  • Upland Trail: A 1.5-mile lollipop loop with creek crossings and field/meadow scenery. 
  • Ridge View Trail: A moderately steep 1-mile trail connecting to the Highlands Creek neighborhood. Rewarded with foothills views.

With over 5 miles of dirt path to explore, Hogan Park’s trail network has an option for every ability level. Be sure to bring good walking shoes!

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek history

While a fairly new demesne that opened in 2015, the land that Hogan Park now occupies has a long and fascinating history

Native Lands

For thousands of times, the area along Sand Creek and the Front Range where Hogan Park sits was inhabited by Native American lines like the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute. Archaeologists have discovered vestiges proving Native campgrounds and stalking exertion dating back over 10,000 times in the region. Admire their ancestral heritage when visiting Hogan Park.

Highlands Creek Dairy Farm

More recently in the 1940s, the Highlands Creek dairy farm was established on the future park site. Run by the Hogan family, Highlands Creek Farm operated as a working dairy for decades, delivering fresh milk to Aurora doorsteps. The Hogan name remains memorialized today.

Suburban Development

In the 1990s, Aurora’s suburban sprawl reached the rural northeast lands. The Highlands Creek master planned community broke ground, outlining Hogan Park as protected open space. As neighborhoods like Murphy Creek filled in, Hogan Park took shape over the next 20 years.

Grand Opening

After ample anticipation, Hogan Park finally held its grand opening ceremony on October 10, 2015. Early amenities included an initial trail network, parking lots, lawns, and restrooms. More recent additions have brought the playground, event center, sports facilities and more.

Ongoing Expansions

Exciting plans remain on the horizon for Hogan Park as Aurora’s crown jewel park. Future enhancements down the road include botanical gardens, a lake feature, expanded trails, new activity areas, and additional amenities making Hogan Park a world-class regional destination.

That covers the landscape of Hogan Park’s origins from indigenous lands to present-day community treasure. From past to future, Hogan Park represents Aurora’s green heart. Read Discover the Top 6 Best Landscape Places in the World

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

Attractions Near Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

While Hogan Park itself offers plenty to do with its trails, fields, and amenities, its proximity to other popular attractions makes it even more appealing. Here are some top spots located close by Hogan Park to pair with your visit:

Aurora Sports Park

Neighbors Hogan Park to the northeast, Aurora Sports Park features a skate park, BMX track, tennis courts, playing fields, and an accessible playground. It’s about a half-mile walk between the two parks. 

Highlands Creek Golf Club 

This scenic golf course wraps around Hogan Park to the south and west, making for pretty views along the perimeter trails. Consider booking a tee time before or after visiting Hogan Park.

Horseshoe Falls Water Park

Also part of the Highlands Creek development, Horseshoe Falls offers summertime water fun with pools, slides, and splash areas. It’s 2 long hauls from Hogan Park by auto or the High Line Canal trail.

With these attractions plus dining and shopping options in the same Highlands Creek area, it’s easy to make a full day out exploring Hogan Park and surroundings.

Hogan Parks in the US

Though Aurora’s Hogan Park makes a beautiful green space in Colorado’s Front Range region, it’s by no means the only Hogan Park out there! Here’s a look at a few other top Hogan Parks across the United States:

Hogan Park – Vallejo, California 

Located northeast of San Francisco Bay, this Hogan Park occupying 37 acres features sports fields, courts, play areas, shaded picnic spots, and the Blue Rock Springs golf course. 

Hogan Park – Fremont, California

Offering over 80 acres of recreation space in the Bay Area city of Fremont, Hogan Park contains the Don Edwards Running Track, sports fields, pickleball, bocce ball, and a scenic creekside trail.

Hogan Park – Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Tulsa’s Hogan Park near town offers inner recreation like a community center, spa, volleyball courts, fitness areas, and inner pool. Outside you ’ll also find fun and games spots, playgrounds, and ball fields over its 16 acres.

So while Aurora’s Hogan Park stands out with its foothills scenery and trail network, it shares its Hogan namesake with some other great parks around the country as well!

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

Parks Near Aurora, Colorado

With so many amazing open spaces surrounding the Denver area, Hogan Park has lots of competition! Here is a quick look at some other top parks you’ll find within 20 miles of Hogan Park at Highlands Creek in Aurora:

Cherry Creek State Park  

Boasting over 800 acres bordering Cherry Creek Reservoir, this state park features a swimming beach, nature trails, and boating/fishing access that draw over 2 million annual visitors.  

Deer Trail Park

set up in the touching city of Deer Trail, this 200- acre demesne contains a sizable fishing lake, fields for games, a firing range, and long hauls of trails for hiking and horseback riding.

Sand Creek Greenway Trail

Located along the eponymous raceway in northeast sunup, Sand Creek Greenway Trail offers 14 long hauls of paved recreation path following the riparian corridor. Perfect for walking, jogging, and cycling.

Crown Hill Park 

Situated west along Clear Creek, Lakewood’s Crown Hill Park contains a 32-acre reservoir available for boating and watersports surrounded by lovely nature trails. 

Bluff Lake Nature Center

Operated by Denver Parks & Rec in the Stapleton neighborhood, this refuge features 100 acres of wetlands, prairie, and woodlands habitat criss-crossed by walking paths to spot wildlife.

Luckily if you ever need a change of scenery from Hogan Park, Aurora and greater Denver offer dozens more excellent outdoor recreation spaces to discover!

Hotels Near Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

Planning a trip to Hogan Park? There are several conveniently located hotels and inns to choose from for your homebase while exploring Aurora’s Highlands Creek area:

Element Denver Southeast 

Part of the Marriott family, Element Denver Southeast puts you just 2.5 miles from Hogan Park off E-470. Contemporary rooms, free breakfast, and an outdoor pool check all the boxes. 

Staybridge Suites Denver Southeast 

Another trusted brand, Staybridge Suites is 3.4 miles from Hogan Park via S Havana St, providing spacious suite-style rooms with kitchens along with a gym, laundry, and hot breakfast.

Hampton Inn Denver Southeast

For reliable mid-tier lodging, the Hampton Inn sits 3 miles east of Hogan Park off Parker Rd. Their indoor pool, hot breakfast, and proximity to restaurants make for an easy stay. 

Home2 Suites by Hilton Denver Aurora 

If looking for newer accommodations, the Home2 Suites opened in 2021 just 4 miles from Hogan Park on North Blackhawk St. Queen suites offer kitchens, a pool, business center and more.

The Inverness Hotel

This boutique hotel residing in a remodeled mansion puts you 10 minutes from Hogan Park in northern Aurora. The Inverness provides a more personalized, upscale retreat compared to chain hotels.

So whether you want comfort, convenience or charm, finding quality lodging close to Hogan Park at Highlands Creek is no problem for your upcoming Colorado escape!

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek


Encompassing over 60 acres of vibrant open space in central Aurora, Hogan Park at Highlands Creek stands out as both an ideal community park and enticing regional attraction. Its central location, wealth of amenities like trails and picnic grounds, proximity to other recreation spots, and foothills scenery make Hogan Park a can’t-miss destination for outdoor enthusiasts, families, visitors and locals alike. 

 Here are 5 unique frequently asked questions and answers related to the history of Hogan Park:


When did Hogan Park first open?

Hogan Park held its grand opening form in October 2015 after over a decade of planning and development. The original 60- acre demesne featured amenities like trails, meadows, parking, and restrooms. Expansions like the playground, event center, and fresh trails came latterly.

Who is Hogan Park named after?

While many visitors assume it honors a person, Hogan Park gets its name from the Hogan family who originally operated the Highlands Creek dairy farm occupying much of the land in the early to mid-1900s. The name pays homage to the site’s agricultural past. 

What Native American tribes lived on this land originally?

Archaeological evidence indicates the Hogan Park area was inhabited by various indigenous peoples over the millennia, especially Ute, Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Comanche tribes who roamed the Front Range. Tepee rings and artifacts found locally stem from their encampments.  

What was the land used for before becoming a park?

Prior to suburban development, the site operated as a dairy farm known as Highlands Creek Farm from the 1940s-1960s run by the Hogan family. After changes in ownership, it became ranching land for cattle and livestock grazing before the City of Aurora purchased it for Hogan Park.  

Are there plans to expand or add new features to Hogan Park?

Yes, long-term plans call for expanding amenities like a lake, botanical gardens, an augmented trail network, and additional activity zones. As the Crown Jewel of the Highlands Creek community, continued park investments aim to make Hogan Park a world-class regional destination.

Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

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